"I have felt incredibly unfit for the last few years having gained quite a bit of weight. I felt lethargic, bloated and didn’t fit into any of the clothes I used to wear. I wanted to make significant changes to my eating habits and exercise more but decided to try and do this through trying various fad diets, basically any kind of quick fixes I could find. As you would expect they just didn’t work. After a long time of saying to myself ‘tomorrow I will sort myself out’ I decided to listen to Ash and started Crossfit changing my eating habits by following Crossfit’s nutritional advice. I just decided enough was enough!


I have been crossfitting for a while now and I can honestly say it’s totally changed my life. Crossfit enables me to challenge myself during each session. I want to do better than my last session because I want to get stronger and gain more stamina. It’s also diverse so I don’t get bored, each session differs from the last. Crossfit combined with training with Ash and changing my diet, has allowed me to drop almost two dress sizes. I measure myself rather than weigh myself and I have lost inches!!! I cannot tell you how amazing I feel. More importantly I still enjoy my nights out and have a great balance of eating well and splurging when I want to.


Ash is an amazing and inspirational trainer, always leading by example. He motivates and encourages you promising results and absolutely delivers. He has the knowledge to help you and the passion to deliver, you want him to be your trainer. He also does all of this with a smile on his face, the easiest person to be around! Crossfit itself is transforming! I feel more confident, happier and even sleep better, getting up with more energy than I used to have. I cannot recommend it highly enough, what have you got to lose!!"