Bored with your workout routine ? We've got you covered.

At CrossFit KIA we have many different classes to keep you stimulated. Pick and choose the classes that you like and when it best fits your schedule.

Sexy Circuits

Circuits are one of the best ways of getting a total body workout. Just turn up to the class and we will have you using all sorts of equipment from battle ropes to boxes , rowers to echo bike, you'll have fun and the circuits will be like no others you've tried.



This class is designed to get your body working the way it was designed to, using functional movements / patterns. The vast majority of us spend far too long in the seated position. This class focusses on activating your glutes (bum muscles) firing up your core and reconnecting your body. A fantastic class with people who have back issues and women that have had children.



Weight and resisting training are very important for our bodies to stay strong. Rather than using just the standard barbel we like to shake it up with kettle bells, dumb bells, sandbags and  sleds.



Just like the name suggests, this class is high energy, fun and designed to get your heart rate up and get you into a sweat. You will have fun, fast while getting fit.


Tabata Time

Tabata is 20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest. Simple. The flow of the class will start of slow and gradually get more intense using all parts of the body, towards the end it will cool and stretch you out.


Crazy Cardio

Regardless of weather there will always be an element of running to this class (outside). We as humans are designed to walk, jog, run and in this class you will do all. This class will keep your cardio system in great shape.



Build classes are specifically for those people who would like to put on more muscle mass. The classes are designed to work all areas of your body making sure that you keep your body in balance.

You will also work on specific goals like pull up’s, handstand push up’s all sorts of fun movements designed to get you out of your comfort zone and push yourself. 


Just Move

These classes are early morning classes which last 30mins. They are designed to get you moving and energised for the day ahead.