“So 6 weeks ago, I was tired, unfit and verging on the brink of post natal depression. With a toddler and baby who woke up 3 times a night to keep me busy, I had every excuse and never thought I would have the time or energy to devote to working out. What started out as a way of supporting a friend's husband, ended up changing a whole lot more.

I knew after the first session with Ash that my batt...ered body (and mind) had been craving some attention and tlc and just doing 2 sessions a week has improved so much. Not just the physical (although I have dropped a dress size) but the fact that I can play with my kids without having to catch my breath after 5 minutes. Although my diet is far from perfect, I have been educated and have started to shop and eat more consciously.

I love the fact that I get to see my friends every week, when previously we had to book dinner weeks in advance. This kind of group training and support can't be matched by just going to the gym. So I would recommend this to anyone of any age, any size and any level. Yes, you do have to turn up and put the effort in but the results are so immediate that it is enough to keep you motivated week after week.

So to all my fitness sisters, keep up the good work. Dont falter, stay determined and NEVER EVER doubt the methods of Dr Ashish Rana MD (University of Life). The man is wise beyond his years!”


AA, 37, Mother of 2