CrossFit KIA is a team of regular people just like you, with busy and demanding lives, when we started CrossFIt we had no idea how it would impact our lives. We learnt to prioritise ourselves-we still have a normal busy life but we are healthier, fitter and happier versions of ourselves!  


We are a fun community of like-minded people who all wanted to change our lives for the better. Regular people all wanting to ultimately, become healthier versions of themselves and inspiring others around them to do the same.


At CrossFit KIA we will support you to hit your own personal goals. Whatever your fitness level or busy schedule, we invite you to become part of this awesome community! We focus on improving life functional skills like strength, stamina, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy and endurance.


Our club membership is limited, our class sizes are small enough for the coach to spend quality time with you, but large enough so you benefit from the positive energy of group training. We have a brand new facility, the latest equipment and ample car parking spaces. Come and try us out!