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At CrossFit KIA we understand that your time is precious, we also know that being healthy needs to be near the top of your priorities. Unfortunately these don't always go hand in hand and your health can be sacrificed due to lack of time.


Don't worry, we are only human and life gets in the way.


Fortunately we have an answer, by combining a number of training techniques from conventional to unconventional and giving you a training environment that will keep you motivated, we will deliver the results you desire and not take up too much of your precious time. 


Originally founded in 2014, this local start-up has organically grown into a unique gym that has a great vibe and delivers results.


Regardless of where you are in your fitness journey we have a class for you. 

Sexy Circuits
Tabata Time
Crazy Cardio

Classes are 45mins.

10 people per class for your safety and so you can't hide.


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